Celebrating 10 years of the Private Edition series w/ Travis Tidwell

Thursday February 28, 2019

Every year for the past decade, Glenmorangie has released a limited-edition single malt as part of the Private Edition series. Glenmorangie Allta, Scots Gaelic for “wild”, is the very first whisky to be created from a bespoke strain of wild yeast. To celebrate this release and the 10th anniversary of the Glenmorangie Private Editions, Southern California Whiskey Club poured all 10 editions with brand ambassador Travis Tidwell. Each member that attended received a branded Glencairn Copita whiskey tasting glass as a souvenir courtesy of Glenmorangie.

pour list:

1. Glenmorangie 2010 Sonnalta PX

2. Glenmorangie 2011 Finealta

3. Glenmorangie 2012 Artein
4. Glenmorangie 2013 Ealanta
5. Glenmorangie 2014 Companta
6. Glenmorangie 2015 Tüsail
7. Glenmorangie 2016 Milsean
8. Glenmorangie 2017 Bacalta
9. Glenmorangie 2018 Spios
10. Glenmorangie 2019 Allta

#SecretStash info: The Cadboll was originally released for the Travel Retail market, aged in bourbon casks and finished in casks that once held Muscat and Sémillion wines. "A" was Grand Cru Burgundy finish. "B" was Grand Cru Bordeaux finish (unreleased experiments) that we got to taste as bonus pours.

Big thanks to Travis Tidwell and Kamil Majer to make this possible.

more information:

Glenmorangie Allta [link]

Glenmorangie Local Strain of Yeast [link]


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