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SCWC + Amrut single cask

presented by Raj Sabharwal of Glass Revolution Imports


date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021


As an incentive for the first 50 members who purchase the Amrut/SCWC single cask bottle, we have a very special tasting on Wednesday, November 17 @ 6:00 PST. In this Zoom tasting, we will discuss the process of the selection and what makes this single cask so unique. This will be a fun night to explore our very own Amrut single cask along with four special samples with our good friend Raj Sabharwal as a thank you for supporting this endeavor.


David Othenin-Girard at K&L Wine Merchants has arranged a club exclusive where SCWC members will receive a $30 discount until November 14, 2021 [members price = $170 + tax].

to receive the $30 discount please follow these steps:

1. email David OG about purchasing the Southern California Whiskey Club single cask.

2. discount price will be charged (you will need a K&L account w/ a credit card on file).

Amrut/SCWC exclusive specs:

• 8 years old @ 60% ABV

• ex-port pipe cask #4627 

• unpeated Indian single malt barley

• filled April 2013, bottled June 2021 

• 396 bottles available



Amrut lineup:

1) Amrut 6 Year Old "K&L Exclusive" Ex-Oloroso Sherry Butt #3890

2) Amrut Kadhambam 

3) Amrut Aatma Cask 6212 fino cask 

4) Amrut Greedy Angels 10 Year old peated rum cask finish

+ your purchased bottle of the SCWC port pipe single cask


about the distillery:

Amrut (अमृत) is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as "Elixir of Life". Amrut single malt whisky is the first single malt whisky to be made in India. The whisky is made from select Indian malted barley grown in Punjab and Rajasthan, the northwest frontier states of India. The cold winters and fiery summers create a unique quality of grain and barrel maturation. Malting takes place at maltsters in Jaipur and Delhi according to the standards laid down by ADL. The malted barley is then transported to the south of India where it is carefully mashed and distilled in small batches. The whisky undergoes maturation in imported oak barrels for over three years in a unique tropical condition in Bangalore. This unique natural geographical location allows intense maturation by losing a considerable amount of whisky as the “angel's share.” To maintain the natural character of the product, the whisky is not chill-filtered. The company decided against using computers and automation in their distillery in favour of providing more jobs to people. [website



The club will ship the bonus samples out directly to those who purchase the Southern California Whiskey Club bottle and we will coordinate with K&L with verifying the emails for the first 50 that purchase no later than November 14, 2021.


Zoom information is on the placemat + SCWC website page

Big thanks to David OG and Raj for making this happen!



appearance: very dark with a reddish-purple hue

nose: cigar wrapper, blackberry jam, and varnish. Deep oak, brown sugar, and Tahitian vanilla. Excellent. 

taste: rich + warming spice bomb with jammy fruit. Ginger and nutmeg appear in the middle with the oak asserting itself over the sweetness to become very savory and complex. Overall this is a rich and decadent whisky with an oily texture that ticks all the boxes and develops as you sip for a well-balanced expression. 


note: no hint of any port funk. This would make an excellent gift for someone special for the holidays.

Meeting ID:

666 442 8666



© 2013 Southern California Whiskey Club

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