Ardbeg Day-ish / Ardbeg Day LA 2019

hosted by Travis Tidwell, West Region Brand Ambassador for Ardbeg Single Malt

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

location: The Phoenix (8480 W 3rd St. LA, CA 90048)

ArdbegDay LA 2019 was a smashing success. Thanks to everyone who joined us in making this event one to remember; so many fun cocktails to choose from!


The Southern California Whiskey Club was very happy to have Travis Tidwell presenting a “Celebration of All Things Ardbeg”. This was a fun + educational event created for Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of Ardbeg Drum, a whisky that has been rested in ex-rum casks from the Americas. We shall call it “Ardbeg Day-ish 2019!” The festivities featured a blind comparison tasting of the past 3 years of Ardbeg Committee Releases along with 4 specialty tiki cocktails made with Ardbeg from the creative minds at the Phoenix. 

master class featured pours:

Ardbeg Drum 2019

Committee Release 52.0% ABV vs Regular 46.0% ABV

Ardbeg Grooves 2018

Committee Release 51.6% ABV vs Regular 46.0% ABV

Ardbeg Kelpie 2017

Committee Release 51.7% ABV vs Regular 46.0% ABV

plus #SecretStash

7. Uigeadail

8. Corryvreckan

9. An Oa

Additional Ardbeg expressions + Ardbeg tiki cocktails from the creative minds of the Phoenix staff.



Ardbeg Tiki Cocktails:

Hurricane Artie (by Julia Dyman)

Ardbeg Ten, creme de fruits de la passion, lime, orange, grenadine, ginger beer


Don’t Come Home (by Amber Adcock)

Ardbeg Ten, orgeat, pineapple, lemon, orange bitters, house-made hot pepper tincture 


Smoking Jacket (by Adam LeClair)

Ardbeg Ten, Velvet Falernum, ginger of the Indies, lime, black walnut bitters


Chili Chili Bang Bang (by Stefani Zabne)

Ardbeg Ten, creme de fruits de la passion, orgeat, lime, mango, Ancho Reyes chili liqueur


© 2013 Southern California Whiskey Club