Brand Ambassador for Compass Box Whisky

Sponsored by Wine Warehouse + Compass Box Whisky

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

7:15pm - 9:30pm

location: Brandon's (private backroom inside the 6th & La Brea Brewery)​

Compass Box is one of our absolute favourite independent bottlers and we are pleased to have brand ambassador Tristan Uhl lead us through a tasting of their latest releases and a few standards from their Signature Range. Compass Box Whisky was founded in 2000 by American entrepreneur John Glaser, and has been doing things in a very innovative and rule breaking manner to breathe fresh air into the industry. Believing that blended grain and malt whiskies have been the mainstay of the industry for two centuries, Glaser's goal was to use his passion for whisky and his knowledge of traditional production methods to push the evolution of blending, aging, and maturing.


We are very happy to have another event at Brandon's On La Brea, featuring a welcome cocktail created by manager Angela Ryskiewicz made with Compass Box Peat Monster. 


event pour list:

1. Oak Cross  

2. The Spice Tree  

3. The Story Of The Spaniard  

4. The Circle Limited Edition Blended Malt

5. Affinity Limited Edition Bottling 

6. Juveniles Special Edition Blended Malt 

about Brandon's On La Brea:

Tucked in a corner of 6th & La Brea Brewery, Brandon's is the classic cocktail bar Hancock Park has been waiting for. Featuring lovely decor, good vibes, and killer booze.

Big thanks to Andrei Kissin from Wine Warehouse for making this event happen and to Angela Ryskiewicz for hosting us.


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