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Dalmore Whisky + Gonzalez Byass Sherry

presented by Claire Henderson and Craig Bridger


date: Thursday, October 22, 2020

time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm PT

location: Virtual Tasting via Zoom [in the safety of your home]


Southern California Whiskey Club is excited to welcome Craig Bridger, Head of Education for The Dalmore Single Malt Scotch and Claire Henderson, Senior Brand Manager for Gonzales Byass Sherry. This will be an in-depth exploration of two historic liquids in a partnership spanning over a century. In this event we will explore the sherries of Gonzalez Byass and the whisky of The Dalmore. Craig and Claire will discuss the unique relationship between these two noble houses and the synergy they create. This event is for everyone interested in sherry and scotch and will include a Sherry 101 portion.

line-up [1oz samples]:

the sherry:

1. Tio Pepe (González Byass), Classic Fino, 15% ABV

2. Alfonso González Byass, Classic Oloroso, 18% ABV

3. Apóstoles González Byass, Aged 30 Years, 20% ABV

4. Matusalem González Byass, Aged 30 Years, 20.5% ABV


the whisky:

1. The Dalmore 12 Year, 40% ABV

2. The Dalmore 15 Year, 40% ABV

3. The Dalmore 18 Year, 43% ABV

4. The Dalmore Port Wood Reserve, 46.5% ABV

The Dalmore Distillery [link]

González Byass Sherry [link]

A big thanks to Liz Tomanchek and Craig Bridger for making this happen!

Meeting ID:

810 2824 4227




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