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Final Showdown

A Blind Tasting of Bourbon & Rye

Part 4, The Final, Final Chapter


date: Saturday, December 4, 2021
time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm Pacific Time
location: Zoom

Max Capacity

• Advance enrollment is always required and must be 21+ to attend.

• Educational samples will be sent out via mail delivery.

• If the event is sold out please email us to be placed on the wait list.


In the past year and a half, we completed three, 20 expression tastings of bourbon and rye in varying levels of comparison. Now for the fourth and final, final of the series we are doing a split where the assignment is to pick rye or bourbon and then rank on a scale of 1-5. We will have everyone tally the style of whiskey and grade them on Zoom poll questions, and after all 20 have been tallied, we will reveal the bottles.


A scorecard will be included in each kit. We strongly suggest tasting + grading the whiskeys (notes, ratings scored, and choose rye vs bourbon) over several days BEFORE the Zoom. Also suggested is to save about a 1/3 to re-taste during the live event. This is a chance to try whiskies of varying degrees of quality and price, blindly, next to each other —and then see how it all nets out. This will be a small meeting of about 25 members just like the previous.


Turn a Blind Rye part I

The Whiskey Jug Post

20 Blind Bourbons part 2

The Whiskey Jug Post

10/10, A Blind Tasting of Bourbon & Rye

The Whiskey Jug Post



mark and score the 20 samples BEFORE the Zoom event

Zoom information is on the placemat + SCWC website page

sample size = .75oz

Big thanks to Josh Peters for organizing this event!

© 2013 Southern California Whiskey Club

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