Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

location: Sola Izakaya (15928 Ventura Blvd #120, Encino, CA 91436)

We had a very special tasting in the beginning of April. Our special guests were Chizuru Fukano from the Fukano Distillery in Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto Japan and Kazunori Ohishi (6th Generation Distiller) from Ohishi Distillery in Mizukami-kura, Kumamoto Japan. 


Izakaya Sola was open on their closed day specially for SCWC. Sola's chef, Chef Waka-san was the neighbor of the Ohishi family for many years and will be serving Japanese food with a Kumamoto twist with to go with the Fukano and Ohishi Whiskies. The idea was to explore the terroir of Southern Japan within both food and drink.


We poured whiskies that have never been tried by anyone outside of the distillery. It was the first pouring of the new 2017 special releases from Ohishi and Fukano Distillery. 


The whisky list:

1. Fukano Whisky 2016 edition

2. Fukano Whisky 2017 edition

3. Ohishi Brandy Cask

4. Ohishi Sherry Cask

5. Ohishi Single Sherry Cask

6. Ohishi Islay Cask limited edition

7. Ohishi Tokubetsu Reserve (vatting of 1x 7yr old, 1x 10yr old, and 4x 27yr old casks) 


Everyone. Please consider this, I imagine that most of you have never been to Kumamoto in the south of Japan. I also imagine that you have never had a chance to experience the terroir of a whisky from Japan served with food influenced by the region the whisky comes from, made by a chef that lived by that distillery for many years and hosted by the 6th Generation distiller from that distillery. This was a very special evening and we thank those who joined us for it.  

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