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Geijer Spirits cocktails + tasting

presented by Martin Geijer


date: Tuesday, December 1, 2020
time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm PT
location: virtual tasting via Zoom


Geijer Spirits is a San Francisco-based beverage company producing hand-crafted spirits under the “California” brand. It all started with a family recipe and a desire to share their glögg liqueur with the world. This endeavor created a fantastic world of craft spirits at the intersection between Scandinavia and California; old-world traditions blended with new world flavors. This special event will feature 2 cocktails presented by Shauna “The Minty” Der + a complete spirits tasting led by creator Martin Geijer.

The California Amaro is the newest release — just launched this week — and we will be the first club to taste it!


1. Geijer Glögg Liqueur
2. California Aqua Vitae
3. California Amaro
4. California Fernet
5. California Orange Liqueur
6. California Falernum
7. California Spiced Liqueur

kits will contain:

• 4 ounces California Aqua Vitae
• 2 ounces California Amaro
• 1 oz bottle of the other 5 Geijer Spirits

• cocktail recipe cards
• 1 can tonic water
Participants will need to provide their own bitters

Geijer Spirits website [link]:

A big thanks to Elijah Ammon for making this happen!

Meeting ID:

843 1639 6985




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