Global Whisky Advocate for the Campari Group

Wednesday May 22, 2019

location: The Kimpton Everly Hotel  (1800 Argyle Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028)


Southern California Whiskey Club was pleased to have a symposium with of one of the best educators in the business, Robin Coupar.  We tasted new expressions, some old releases, rare new make direct from the distillery, and an experimental liquid that Robin hand delivered just for us!


about Robin Coupar:

A native of Edinburgh, Scotland, he is a leading whisky expert who has dedicated more than 26 years to the industry. Robin’s passion and knowledge of whisky started in Scotland but extended well past the UK borders. His expertise was built through a series of assignments with some of the most renowned players in the world including Diageo and Moet Hennessy. At Campari he has performed several marketing roles and has focused on whisky innovations. Robin also leads the sensory evaluation process for Campari whiskies. 


about Glen Grant:

Located in Rothes, Speyside, Glen Grant is one of the biggest selling malts in the worldwide market and was acquired by Campari in 2006. It was founded in 1823 by two former illegal distillers and smugglers at a time when illicit whisky distilling was rife throughout Scotland. In 1840, brothers John and James Grant decided to take out a license and make the distillery legal. James ‘The Major’ Grant, born in 1847, took the distillery to the next level and proved himself a worthy successor. To this day, Glen Grant continues to be one of the biggest selling single malts worldwide.


pour list:

1. Glen Grant new make

2. Glen Grant The Major’s Reserve

3. Glen Grant 10 Year (older release)

4. Glen Grant 12 Year (current release)

5. Glen Grant 15 Year (current release)

6. Glen Grant 16 Year (older release)

7. Glen Grant 18 Year (current release)

8. Glen Grant “Experimental” Event Exclusive

9. Glen Grant 26 Year SMWS 9.90 Refill Ex-Sherry


Big thanks to Chris Cheng and Robin Coupar to make this possible.

SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 4
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 3
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 5
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 6
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 7
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 8
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 9
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 10
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 11
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 12
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 13
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 14
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 16
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 17
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 18
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 24
SCWC Glen Grant 2019 - 25

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