Diageo Games of Thrones Whisky

Thursday, April 18, 2019

7:30pm - 9:30pm


The Complete Game of Thrones Whisky Collection:

pour list:

1. Cardhu Gold Reserve [House Targaryen]

40% ABV, $40: A non-age-statement single malt from Speyside, representing House Targaryan and featuring its three-headed dragon on the label. Diageo notes that Cardhu was founded by two legendary women—Helen Cumming and her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth—just as House Targaryan is led by the fierce Daenerys Targaryan.


2. Clynelish Reserve [House Tyrell]

51.2% ABV, $60: A non-age-statement Highlands single malt, representing House Tyrell and displaying its rose sigil. Clynelish is located among green pastures and rolling hills, similar to the lush, fertile area of Highgarden, the home of the Tyrells. This whisky is also, apparently, light and floral but, like the family, “not to be underestimated.”


3. Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost [House Stark]

43% ABV, $40: A non-age-statement single malt from the Highlands, representing House Stark and featuring a fearsome direwolf on the label. Diageo explains that this whisky from Dalwhinnie, located at one of the highest and coldest distillery sites in Scotland, is shaped by extreme conditions, just as the Starks’ qualities of resilience and strength are shaped by their home of Winterfell in the North.


4. Lagavulin 9 year old [House Lannister]

46% ABV, $65: An Islay single malt, representing House Lannister and showcasing its lion sigil. This whisky was chosen to match the Lannisters as its creation reflects the same cunning and tenacity for which the family is known—and its rich flavor is also, apparently, a reflection of their riches.


5. Oban Bay Reserve [The Night’s Watch]

43% ABV, $63: A non-age-statement Highlands single malt, featuring an appropriately dark and simple label with the vow of the Night’s Watch. Just as The Wall separates Westeros from the wild lands beyond, Oban Distillery sits on the border between Scotland’s western islands and highlands.


6. Royal Lochnagar 12 year old [House Baratheon]

40% ABV, $65: Hailing from the Highlands and representing House Baratheon, the label shows a rampant stag with a crown around its neck. This pairing is a no-brainer: House Baratheon is the ruling family on the Iron Throne, and Royal Lochnagar is one of Scotland’s few distilleries with a royal warrant, bestowed by Queen Victoria in 1848.


7. The Singleton of Glendullan Select [House Tully]

40% ABV, $30: A non-age-statement Speyside single malt, representing House Tully and showcasing its leaping fish sigil. Diageo notes that Singleton makes a good match for the Tullys, the lords of the riverlands, as the distillery is located on the banks of the River Fiddich and once used a water wheel to power its operations.


8. Talisker Select Reserve [House Greyjoy]

45.8% ABV, $45: A non-age-statement single malt from the Isle of Skye, representing House Greyjoy and featuring its kraken. This whisky was chosen to pair with the Lords of the Iron Islands because of its maritime character and smokiness, as well as the distillery’s location on the rugged shores of Skye.


9. Johnnie Walker White Walker

41.7% ABV, $36: Blended by whisky specialist George Harper, this blend is designed to be served directly from the freezer. “Freeze for an unexpected icy reveal,” the label commands, also noting that the whisky includes Cardhu and Clynelish malts, and is “distilled, bottled, and blended North of the Wall.” When frozen, the bottle’s temperature-sensitive thermochromic ink displays the legend “Winter is Here.”




Please be punctual because there are 9 expressions to explore. SCWC will provide 2 Glencairn glasses per attendee, but we recommend you bringing  7 of your own to taste them all side-by-side. 1/2oz samples of each expression will be available per person, but please note that this is a lot of whisky so plan accordingly for transportation.


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