“Irish I knew More About Irish Whiskey” 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Phoenix and Southern California Whiskey Club were pleased to host Aidan McNally for a night of Irish Whiskey education. His experience with the Irish Whiskey Museum and as Teeling Whiskey brand ambassador covered all the different types of Irish Whiskey with a historical background of uisce betha. There are 4 types (single pot still, single malt, single grain, and blended) and we poured examples of each to explore the nuances firsthand. 


Irish Whiskey Masterclass Line-Up:

1.       Teeling Small Batch

2.       Powers Gold Label

3.       Teeling Single Malt

4.       Connemara  Peated

5.       Teeling Single Grain

6.       Greenore 8 year Single Grain

7.       Teeling Carcavelos Cask Strength Single Cask

8.       Yellow Spot Single Pot Still


Before the tasting we had a specialty Irish tiki cocktail created by the Pete at the Phoenix along with light appetizers. 

Everyone received a complimentary pin to take home courtesy of Teeling Whiskey Co.!

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