Club Fundraiser + Naiman's 66th Birthday

Saturday, May 18, 2019


We are finally having an overdue “bottle kill” event to celebrate Marshall Naiman’s 66th birthday + club fundraiser (we need more glasses and t-shirts). We all know how epic these are with a whole table full of random bottles; some have just a pour or two left and some bottles are quite full, so don’t show up late. 



This small event will be limited to those who have been supporting our club for a long time as a “thank you”. There will be a lot of whiskey so plan accordingly. Please bring your own glassware (there will be Glencairns provided if you need one). You do not need to bring any whiskey to the event unless you want to share (+ kill off).


SCWC will provide food and snacks along with Linda Sing’s homemade birthday cake.



Everyone knows that Marshall loves 80s hair bands. So something to add to the Kill Bottle info is that we have a dress code of “Dress like an 80s Rocker!”


Now, you don’t have to dress up but we shall have “backstage bottles” for those who join us in Glam Rock Nostalgia until we take an awesome group photo. It will be worth your while to dress up and the Baller Bottles will be for those that get a Backstage Pass from Marshall. 

Raid your mom's (or girlfriend's) closet for some scarves and funny hats. Wear a some animal print and you'll be good. It's all fun a good fun time and to be silly!

Unless you're Brian Fortman; then you HAVE to dress up or you can NOT attend this event!

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