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Limestone Branch Distillery

presented by Steve Beam


date: Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020

time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm PT

location: Virtual Tasting via Zoom


Southern California Whiskey Club is honored to have a special bourbon event with Steve Beam, all the way from Lebanon, Kentucky, walk us through their process and plans for the future at Limestone Branch Distillery.

Steve and Paul Beam started Limestone Branch Distillery in 2010 with the goal of reclaiming their family’s distilling heritage. The Beams trace their lineage back seven generations to Jacob Beam on one side of the family and four generations to J.W. Dant on the other. Their great-grandfather, Minor Case Beam, was the original owner of the Yellowstone brand. The family created Yellowstone Bourbon in 1872 and seven generations later, the brothers have started their own chapter of the family history book. While ramping up their own production, Paul & Steve are very open about their signature blends of whiskey to fund the distillery until their own whiskey has had time to fully mature.

The 2020 Yellowstone Limited Edition boasts a stunning new bottle, similar to Yellowstone Bourbon, which has been around since 1872. Minor Case Rye is a 2 year old straight rye that has been aged for additional time by Limestone Branch in Sherry casks. We will also get to taste the new Bowling & Burch Gin as a special treat. This expression traces its roots back to the Beam’s ancestors, the Bowlings and the Burches, who emigrated from England to the Eastern United States in the mid 1600s.


1. Bowling & Burch Gin
2. Minor Case Rye
3. Yellowstone Select Bourbon
4. Yellowstone Limited Edition 2020 Bourbon

pours will be the standard 1oz.

Limestone Branch [link]:

Yellowstone Select Bourbon [link]:

Meeting ID:

666 442 8666




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