Monday, November 16th, 2015

Rey Campero

1. Espadin

2. Mexicano

3. Jabali

4. Tepextate 


Real Minero

1. Barril

2. Tobala

3. Blend of 4 - Glass rested since 2004! 

4. Pechuga



Our first Mezcal tasting! For this special event, we had 2 guests speakers to teach us about this elegant agave distillate. William Scanlan (info below) will take us through 4 mezclas from the Rey Campero brand where we will try different types of agave ranging from 8 – 30 years old! We will also get an education from Dra. Graciela Angeles Carreño about her Family’s Real Minero brand as we try 4 of her mezcals. See what LA Magazine had to say about those HERE:


Also, because just having awesome mezcals are not enough, we met at the new Everson Royce Bar in the Arts District in Downtown LA where the food menu was created by Matt Molina formally of Osteria Mozza.  [INFO]




Info about our speakers:

Dra. Graciela Angeles Carreño 

Graciela holds a Phd in Urban Development but has chosen to dedicate her life to investigating and educating about the traditions, culture and history of mezcal.  She had lectured all over the world; from Mexico to Istanbul and from United States to Madrid. Graciela is one of very few women in Mexico who are involved with every phase of mezcal production.  All though her father, Don Lorenzo is the master distiller, Graciela is the General Director of Mezcal de Los Angeles; which produces her family’s artisanal claypot distilled “Mezcal Real Minero”. She is responsible for building the brand in to what it is today.  Renowned spirits critic, Cornelio Perez, has called Real Minero one of the finest mezcales in all of Mexico.


William Scanlan 

The founder of Heavy Métl Premium Imports, William Scanlan III, majored in Spanish Colonization of Mexico and minored in Latin American Studies, both of which fueled his passion for Mexico and its culture. On one art collecting trip to Mexico he ended up in Oaxaca, a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, where he learned about small batch mezcal. Scanlan soon became a mezcal enthusiast and moved to Mexico, where he met with industry experts, attended mezcal-related conferences, seminars and workshops, and studied flavor nuances at tasting seminars to learn more about the production and culture and roots of mezcal. He was amazed by the quality, unique flavors, and deep traditions of mezcal—often produced by the same families since the 1800s. Having learned both Spanish and English at a young age, Scanlan was able to communicate with the local owners of well-made, respected brands in the mezcal market. Scanlan wanted to grow these brands in the United States, but felt there was no way to maintain their authenticity without allowing the families to control the quality and their destiny. As a result, he founded Heavy Métl and began importing rare, high-quality mezcals. The decades spent perfecting their craft and the care for superior ingredients can be found in every sip.