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Single Cask Nation

presented by Joshua Hatton

Thursday. May 7, 2020


Southern California Whiskey Club was happy to have Joshua Hatton present Retail Release #6 from Single Cask Nation via an online tasting. This release features an older sherried Speyside whisky, a younger peated Highland whisky, an older grain whisky in first fill American oak, a release from Israel, and a couple more treats to explore in the comfort of your own home.

event pour list:

1. Cameronbridge 26yo, refill Sherry Butt

    From Single Cask Nation Retail Release #5


2. Aultmore 30 year, 1st fill Sherry Butt

    Cask #2459 yielded 465 bottles.


3. Aultmore 8 year, 1st fill Bourbon Barrel

    Cask #800233 yielded 227 bottles.


4. Ben Nevis 23 year, 2nd fill Bourbon Hogshead

    Cask #1839 yielded 209 bottles.


5. Ruadh Mhor 10 year, 2nd fill Bourbon Hogshead

    Cask #57 yielded 238 bottles.


6. Milk & Honey 2 year, 1st fill Bourbon Barrel

    Cask #0118 yielded 256 bottles.

Meeting ID:

862 6265 4924



Single Cask Nation

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