Olde St Nick has been a very small craft brand for years, but with the recent interest in fine, craft bourbon and whiskey, things have gotten a bit crazy.  There are people hearing about it from the USA, Europe, and overseas.  


There’s so little stock we’ve been afraid to post much. And yes, we need to put up a website but haven’t gotten around to it.  There’s never enough whiskey to go around, but some releases finally coming out the end of summer,  


These are inconsistent, super small batch releases so keep an eye open for it and hopefully you’ll be able to find some to add to your tasting.


Here’s a bit of background:


Julian Van Winkle (yes, that one) originally produced many of the Very Old St Nick bourbons.   Our family has over 100 combined years in the whiskey and alcoholic beverage business, and my husband knew all of the Van Winkle distillers from Pappy, his son Julian II and then Pappy’s grandson Julian III,  with whom we worked until he sold part of his interest to Sazerac, which is now Buffalo Trace.   We see the postings on the internet saying Very Olde St Nick was originally an item made by Heaven Hill, but that could not be further from the truth !!!    


Our family has also been close for years with the Kulsveens from WIlletts Distillery.  Even Kulsveen, the father of Drew and Britt, was a wonderful help over the years with our brands.  He’s an incredible man, a top notch very private whiskey authority, and would hate me telling you that!   So as you can see, history, and great contacts along with dumb luck allowed us to get a wonderful start and some fantastic products. 


There are many  Olde St Nick stories…  When Julian was partnering with Sazerac he felt badly about cutting off our distribution arrangement, and introduced me to a wonderful contact at Diageo as a supply source.  At that time, Diageo didn’t want the old Van Winkle produced bourbon whiskey stocks they inherited when they acquired the historic Stitzel Distillery more than 2 decades ago, and they were looking for a buyer,  (they told me bluntly, “after 12 years it’s all downhill”.  HA)   Our family worked out a deal and Diageo sold us nice amounts of some very old bourbons, which over the years was used in Olde St Nick.  We got lucky back when no one else wanted bourbons and rye.   


Contacts and dumb luck.  What you see out there are many of the same items that were produced at the old Stitzel plant, which is now being resurrected by Diageo after years of closure. I believe it’s where the old original Pappy whiskies were from as well, that same Stitzel Distillery plant!!


Lots more but I need to run to our son’s graduation.  You’ll be seeing from Very Olde St Nick and Olde St Nick some interesting rye whiskey, bourbons, and other items, including new small releases of Summer Rye and Winter Rye soon. 


Hoping this helps you.  Contact me if you need anything else.


Marci Palatella




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