Date: Sunday September 8th, 2013


SCWC hosted its inaugural "Kill Bottle Meeting"; this is where you show up and drink the zombie bottles that are still terrorizing the closet of the newlyweds. There was something there for whatever type of whisky that you would like. Uhde just got married and has a birthday so that calls for a drinking time. We got a chance to re-visit many of the bottles from previous SCWC events and finish them off.


Old Fitzgerald BIB DSP-KY-1 2012
Very Special Old Fitzgerald BHC Louisville 1994
Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12yr
Rebel Yell 90proof Bourbon 1982 Tax Stamp
Belle Meade Bourbon 90 proof
Early Times Straight Bourbon (early 1980s)
Early Times Current Release- blend
Antique 6yr 80 proof (late 1970s)
Old Crow 80 proof 1978
Old Crow Current Release
Old Taylor 80 proof 1977
Old Taylor 6yr 86 proof 1984
Yellowstone 4 yr 86 proof 1976
Ardbeg Gallileo
Ardbeg 10yr
Cabin Still 80 proof
Peat’s Beast Single Malt 46%
Old Bardstown Bourbon 90 proof
Amrut Peated 46% abv
Amrut Peated Cask Strength 62.8% abv
Hammer head 1989 20yr Czech Single Malt 40.7% abv
W. L. Weller 12yr 45% abv
Eades Highland Double Malt 46% abv
Isle of Jura 15yr 1996 Chieftains 46% abv
Mortlach 15yr 1995 Chieftains 55.2% abv
Caol Ila Port Wood 1998 Gordon MacPhail 45% abv
Benromach Marsala 45% abv
Macallan 13yr 1998 Hart Bros 46% abv
Rosebank 1991 15yr 40% abv Gordon Macphail
Blackadder peat Reek 11yr 1996 58.1% abv
Sazerac 18yr
Laphroaig 18yr 1990 46% abv Hart Bros
Caol Ila 20yr 1990 46% abv Hart Bros
Peace Maker Whiskey 40% abv
Glen Grant 13yr Hart Bros 46% abv
Eagle Rare 10yr bourbon