Date: Sunday, August 17, 2014 @ 7pm



1. 8 year, 90 proof 

2. Cask Lot No. 15, 107 proof

3. 19 year, 94 proof

4. 22 year, 81.2 proof 

5. 23 year, 81.2 proof 

6. 24 year, 81.2 proof 


The Very Olde St. Nick brand was designed for the export market only. It was originally supplied by Julian Van Winkle III (of Pappy fame) and then shifted over to Even Kulsveen (Willett). These were all bottled in the early to mid 2000s. These are extremely rare bottles that were hand carried from Japan to Los Angeles. They now fetch exorbitant auction prices when they become available. This is a very special event to taste something that very few have experienced. June 22nd, 2014 was  the "Part 1 Rye" tasting and this "Part 2 Bourbon" concludes our "sister releases" of Very Olde St. Nick.


Email from Very Olde St. Nick - this is what they had to say about the product:


Very Olde St. Nick bourbons were produced by 

Julian Van Winkle at the historic Stitzel Distillery