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Alcohol Proof: find YOUR preference 

led by Bill Nolan, Sazerac's Southern California State Manager

date: Wednesday January 23, 2019

location: The Phoenix (8480 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048)


This event is a continuation of our Exploration + Education series. We will start the evening with big pretzel bites and a complimentary Buffalo Trace cocktail created by the Phoenix. Bill Nolan, Sazerac's Southern California State Manager will lead us through 3 sets of Sazerac family pairings for flavor + proof comparison. This tasting will be a great side-by-side exploration between two similar whiskeys, but at different proofs. We will pour them as pairs so you can discover what you prefer for yourself.

Sazerac Family pour list:

1. 1792 Barton Distillery

2. 1792 Barton Distillery Full Proof

3. Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch

4. Colonel E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof

5. Buffalo Trace

6. Stagg Jr.

7. George T Stagg 72.05%ABV (2016 BTAC)

8. Thomas Handy Rye 64.6%ABV (2014 BTAC)


with Jason Johnstone-Yellin (Vice-President and COO)

Tuesday January 29, 2019

7:00pm - 9:00pm

location: Village Idiot  (7383 Melrose Ave, 90046)


Jason Johnstone-Yellin will lead us through a flight that encompasses single grain scotch, single malt scotch, and even an aged rum. Single Cask Nation is an independent bottler dedicated to selecting and bottling the world’s finest and rarest single casks. More than a mere club, it represents a unique virtual community in which members share a common affinity for quality whiskies and other spirits. This tasting will be a great exploration of 3 types of spirits that will take place in the private backroom at the Village Idiot. At the conclusion please stay with us for dinner, the food is delicious!


pour list:

1. Invergordon 1974 43yr 

2. Miltonduff 2008 9yr 

3. Glenrothes 1997 20yr 

4. Glenfarclas 9yr – Special Online Only

5. Islay 2008 9yr  

6. Spanish Rum 18yr


7. Port Charlotte 14 yr

8. Catoctin Creek 2yr


Celebrating 10 years of the Private Edition series w/ Travis Tidwell

Thursday February 28, 2019


Every year for the past decade, Glenmorangie has released a limited-edition single malt as part of the Private Edition series. Glenmorangie Allta, Scots Gaelic for “wild”, is the very first whisky to be created from a bespoke strain of wild yeast. To celebrate this release and the 10th anniversary of the Glenmorangie Private Editions, Southern California Whiskey Club poured all 10 editions with brand ambassador Travis Tidwell. Each member that attended received a branded Glencairn Copita whiskey tasting glass as a souvenir courtesy of Glenmorangie.

pour list:

1. Glenmorangie 2010 Sonnalta PX

2. Glenmorangie 2011 Finealta

3. Glenmorangie 2012 Artein
4. Glenmorangie 2013 Ealanta
5. Glenmorangie 2014 Companta
6. Glenmorangie 2015 Tüsail
7. Glenmorangie 2016 Milsean
8. Glenmorangie 2017 Bacalta
9. Glenmorangie 2018 Spios
10. Glenmorangie 2019 Allta

#SecretStash info: The Cadboll was originally released for the Travel Retail market, aged in bourbon casks and finished in casks that once held Muscat and Sémillion wines. "A" was Grand Cru Burgundy finish. "B" was Grand Cru Bordeaux finish (unreleased experiments) that we got to taste as bonus pours.

Big thanks to Travis Tidwell and Kamil Majer to make this possible.

more information:

Glenmorangie Allta [link]

Glenmorangie Local Strain of Yeast [link]

Diageo Games of Thrones Whisky

Thursday, April 18, 2019

7:30pm - 9:30pm


The Complete Game of Thrones Whisky Collection:

pour list:

1. Cardhu Gold Reserve [House Targaryen]

40% ABV, $40: A non-age-statement single malt from Speyside, representing House Targaryan and featuring its three-headed dragon on the label. Diageo notes that Cardhu was founded by two legendary women—Helen Cumming and her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth—just as House Targaryan is led by the fierce Daenerys Targaryan.


2. Clynelish Reserve [House Tyrell]

51.2% ABV, $60: A non-age-statement Highlands single malt, representing House Tyrell and displaying its rose sigil. Clynelish is located among green pastures and rolling hills, similar to the lush, fertile area of Highgarden, the home of the Tyrells. This whisky is also, apparently, light and floral but, like the family, “not to be underestimated.”


3. Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost [House Stark]

43% ABV, $40: A non-age-statement single malt from the Highlands, representing House Stark and featuring a fearsome direwolf on the label. Diageo explains that this whisky from Dalwhinnie, located at one of the highest and coldest distillery sites in Scotland, is shaped by extreme conditions, just as the Starks’ qualities of resilience and strength are shaped by their home of Winterfell in the North.


4. Lagavulin 9 year old [House Lannister]

46% ABV, $65: An Islay single malt, representing House Lannister and showcasing its lion sigil. This whisky was chosen to match the Lannisters as its creation reflects the same cunning and tenacity for which the family is known—and its rich flavor is also, apparently, a reflection of their riches.


5. Oban Bay Reserve [The Night’s Watch]

43% ABV, $63: A non-age-statement Highlands single malt, featuring an appropriately dark and simple label with the vow of the Night’s Watch. Just as The Wall separates Westeros from the wild lands beyond, Oban Distillery sits on the border between Scotland’s western islands and highlands.


6. Royal Lochnagar 12 year old [House Baratheon]

40% ABV, $65: Hailing from the Highlands and representing House Baratheon, the label shows a rampant stag with a crown around its neck. This pairing is a no-brainer: House Baratheon is the ruling family on the Iron Throne, and Royal Lochnagar is one of Scotland’s few distilleries with a royal warrant, bestowed by Queen Victoria in 1848.


7. The Singleton of Glendullan Select [House Tully]

40% ABV, $30: A non-age-statement Speyside single malt, representing House Tully and showcasing its leaping fish sigil. Diageo notes that Singleton makes a good match for the Tullys, the lords of the riverlands, as the distillery is located on the banks of the River Fiddich and once used a water wheel to power its operations.


8. Talisker Select Reserve [House Greyjoy]

45.8% ABV, $45: A non-age-statement single malt from the Isle of Skye, representing House Greyjoy and featuring its kraken. This whisky was chosen to pair with the Lords of the Iron Islands because of its maritime character and smokiness, as well as the distillery’s location on the rugged shores of Skye.


9. Johnnie Walker White Walker

41.7% ABV, $36: Blended by whisky specialist George Harper, this blend is designed to be served directly from the freezer. “Freeze for an unexpected icy reveal,” the label commands, also noting that the whisky includes Cardhu and Clynelish malts, and is “distilled, bottled, and blended North of the Wall.” When frozen, the bottle’s temperature-sensitive thermochromic ink displays the legend “Winter is Here.”




Please be punctual because there are 9 expressions to explore. SCWC will provide 2 Glencairn glasses per attendee, but we recommend you bringing  7 of your own to taste them all side-by-side. 1/2oz samples of each expression will be available per person, but please note that this is a lot of whisky so plan accordingly for transportation.


more information:

GoT Whisky Drink Business [link]

GoT Whisky Advocate [link]

That Boutique-y Whisky Company 

led by Chanel Liquori

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

7:00pm - 9:30pm


This event was over 6 years in the making and we were excited to have it finally happen! A legendary tasting from this quirky independent bottler that has carved out an unlikely niche at the intersection of whisky fetishism and comic-book geekiness. Started in 2012, That Boutique-y Whisky Company offers limited release whiskies with graphic-novel-style labels created by talented artist Emily Chappell. Their releases are aimed directly at the whiskey aficionado with humorous references, in-jokes and shocking puns. This event took place in the private backroom at the Phoenix. 


pour list (subject to change):

1. Cambus 25yr 50.1 abv

2. Irish Single Malt #1 15yr  46 abv

3. Aultmore 20yr 52.1 abv

4. Blended 50yr 46.6 abv

5. Three Ships 6yr 53.7 abv

6. Mortlach 20yr 49.1 abv

7. Bowmore 15yr 48.3 abv

8. Highland Park 18yr 47.8 abv

9. Springbank 21yr 47.5 abv

10. Islay #2 25yr  48.7 abv

11. Ardbeg 12yr 49.2 abv

12. Port Charlotte 13yr 52.7 abv

more information:




Club Fundraiser + Naiman's 66th Birthday

Saturday, May 18, 2019


We are finally having an overdue “bottle kill” event to celebrate Marshall Naiman’s 66th birthday + club fundraiser (we need more glasses and t-shirts). We all know how epic these are with a whole table full of random bottles; some have just a pour or two left and some bottles are quite full, so don’t show up late. 



This small event will be limited to those who have been supporting our club for a long time as a “thank you”. There will be a lot of whiskey so plan accordingly. Please bring your own glassware (there will be Glencairns provided if you need one). You do not need to bring any whiskey to the event unless you want to share (+ kill off).


SCWC will provide food and snacks along with Linda Sing’s homemade birthday cake.


Global Whisky Advocate for the Campari Group

Wednesday May 22, 2019

location: The Kimpton Everly Hotel  (1800 Argyle Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028)


Southern California Whiskey Club was pleased to have a symposium with of one of the best educators in the business, Robin Coupar.  We tasted new expressions, some old releases, rare new make direct from the distillery, and an experimental liquid that Robin hand delivered just for us!


about Robin Coupar:

A native of Edinburgh, Scotland, he is a leading whisky expert who has dedicated more than 26 years to the industry. Robin’s passion and knowledge of whisky started in Scotland but extended well past the UK borders. His expertise was built through a series of assignments with some of the most renowned players in the world including Diageo and Moet Hennessy. At Campari he has performed several marketing roles and has focused on whisky innovations. Robin also leads the sensory evaluation process for Campari whiskies. 


about Glen Grant:

Located in Rothes, Speyside, Glen Grant is one of the biggest selling malts in the worldwide market and was acquired by Campari in 2006. It was founded in 1823 by two former illegal distillers and smugglers at a time when illicit whisky distilling was rife throughout Scotland. In 1840, brothers John and James Grant decided to take out a license and make the distillery legal. James ‘The Major’ Grant, born in 1847, took the distillery to the next level and proved himself a worthy successor. To this day, Glen Grant continues to be one of the biggest selling single malts worldwide.


pour list:

1. Glen Grant new make

2. Glen Grant The Major’s Reserve

3. Glen Grant 10 Year (older release)

4. Glen Grant 12 Year (current release)

5. Glen Grant 15 Year (current release)

6. Glen Grant 16 Year (older release)

7. Glen Grant 18 Year (current release)

8. Glen Grant “Experimental” Event Exclusive

9. Glen Grant 26 Year SMWS 9.90 Refill Ex-Sherry


Big thanks to Chris Cheng and Robin Coupar to make this possible.

Making Maker's Mark Private Select

Presented by Jane Bowie, Master of Maturation, Director of Advocacy, Heritage and Private Select Programs at Maker's Mark Distillery

Wednesday May 29, 2019

location: Sassafras Saloon (1233 N. Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038)


Southern California Whiskey Club met at the front bar in Sassafras Saloon for small bites and a welcome cocktail before we went upstairs to learn about the Maker's Mark Private Select program with very special guest Jane Bowie. This was an immersive Premium Custom Bourbon experience to explore how influential wood is in the creation of a whiskey’s flavor profile.

about Jane Bowie:

The distillery's Director of Private Select and Diplomat Program and has been instrumental in getting the Private Select program off the ground. Active in the Bourbon business for over 12 years, she was the first international employee for Maker's Mark as the Global Brand Ambassador. Today she leads all innovation on behalf of the distillery from concept to execution and route to market as well as manage current innovation teams across quality control, sales and marketing. 

The Maker's Mark Private Select program:

Brought to life by Rob Samuels, grandson of Bill Samuels, Sr. and Jane Bowie they've extended the Maker's tradition of pursuing one's personal taste vision. The Maker's Mark Private Select program is a continuation of their wood-finishing series. There are five different toasted wood types to choose from and over 1,001 different possible combinations. This results in a uniquely customized finish and bold flavors, yet each barrel is undeniably Maker's. After additional aging, the barrels are dumped, and the Private Select is bottled and labeled. 


pour list:

1. Maker’s Mark New Make

2. P2: Baked American Pure

3. Cu: Seared French Cuvée

4. 46: Maker's Mark 46

5. Mo: Roasted French Mocha

6. Sp: Toasted French Spice

7. K&L Maker's Private Select

and more experiments!

Big thanks to Johnnie Mundell and Phil Olson for making this special night happen and to Stephanie at Sassafras Saloon for hosting us upstairs. It was  a great night!

Penderyn Welsh Single Malt Whisky

Presented by David Cover, Brand Ambassador, Penderyn

Sunday, June 2, 2019

location: Village Idiot (7383 Melrose Ave, LA, CA 90046)


Southern California Whiskey Club was happy to have Penderyn back in Los Angeles with their brand ambassador, David Cover. Penderyn is a Welsh whisky distilled once in a unique Faraday copper still with an added purifier and rectification column. Launched in 2004 in the presence of HRH Prince Charles, Penderyn has built on its early promise and really carved a niche for itself winning a ton of awards lately.


pour list:

1. Penderyn Legend

2. Penderyn Myth

3. Penderyn Celt

4. Penderyn Madeira Finish

5. Penderyn Sherrywood

6. Penderyn Icons of Wales #5 Bryn Terfel (UK Exclusive) Winner of the Jim Murray's Whisky Bible European Whisky (Multiple Cask) 2018 award



7. Icons of Wales #3 - Dylan Thomas Sherrywood

8. Penderyn Madeira Finish (older release)

Ardbeg Day-ish / Ardbeg Day LA 2019

hosted by Travis Tidwell, West Region Brand Ambassador for Ardbeg Single Malt

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

location: The Phoenix (8480 W 3rd St. LA, CA 90048)


ArdbegDay LA 2019 was a smashing success. Thanks to everyone who joined us in making this event one to remember; so many fun cocktails to choose from!


The Southern California Whiskey Club was very happy to have Travis Tidwell presenting a “Celebration of All Things Ardbeg”. This was a fun + educational event created for Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of Ardbeg Drum, a whisky that has been rested in ex-rum casks from the Americas. We shall call it “Ardbeg Day-ish 2019!” The festivities featured a blind comparison tasting of the past 3 years of Ardbeg Committee Releases along with 4 specialty tiki cocktails made with Ardbeg from the creative minds at the Phoenix. 

master class featured pours:

Ardbeg Drum 2019

Committee Release 52.0% ABV vs Regular 46.0% ABV

Ardbeg Grooves 2018

Committee Release 51.6% ABV vs Regular 46.0% ABV

Ardbeg Kelpie 2017

Committee Release 51.7% ABV vs Regular 46.0% ABV

plus #SecretStash

7. Uigeadail

8. Corryvreckan

9. An Oa

Additional Ardbeg expressions + Ardbeg tiki cocktails from the creative minds of the Phoenix staff.



Ardbeg Tiki Cocktails:

Hurricane Artie (by Julia Dyman)

Ardbeg Ten, creme de fruits de la passion, lime, orange, grenadine, ginger beer


Don’t Come Home (by Amber Adcock)

Ardbeg Ten, orgeat, pineapple, lemon, orange bitters, house-made hot pepper tincture 


Smoking Jacket (by Adam LeClair)

Ardbeg Ten, Velvet Falernum, ginger of the Indies, lime, black walnut bitters


Chili Chili Bang Bang (by Stefani Zabne)

Ardbeg Ten, creme de fruits de la passion, orgeat, lime, mango, Ancho Reyes chili liqueur

Whisky Symposium w/ Martin Daraz

Scotch Whisky Brand Ambassador of the year, Icons of Whisky 2017

Sponsored by Ian MacLeod Distillers, makers of Glengoyne and Tamdhu

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

location: Brandon's  (600 S. La Brea Ave, LA, CA 90036)


Southern California Whiskey Club was privileged to have whisky legend Mr. Martin Daraz for a tasting + symposium about his personal experiences in the industry to an over capacity room. This was a fantastic opportunity to experience an icon doing what he is best at with a “no holds barred discussion” about the past, present, and future of the whisky world.


We were very happy to have this event at Brandon's On La Brea, featuring a custom cocktail created by manager Angela Ryskiewicz for our event. "Contingency Plan" was the welcome cocktail featuring: Isle of Skye 12, Montenegro, Jardesca California Aperitiva, and Aztec chocolate bitters. 

event pour list:

1. Highland Park Dark Origins 46.8% ABV

2. Macallan Edition 2 48.2% ABV

3. Hibiki Harmony 43% ABV 


Sponsored by Ian Macleod Distillers

4. Tamdhu 12 Year 43% ABV 

5. Tamdhu Batch Strength #4 57.8% ABV

6. Glengoyne 15 Year 43% ABV

7. Glengoyne 18 Year 43% ABV 

8. Glengoyne 21 Year 43% ABV 

about the presenter:

Martin Daraz, a native of Scotland, has worked in the Scotch Whisky industry for over 10 years with The Macallan and Highland Park distilleries and most recently as an industry consultant. Since moving to the USA, he has performed stand up comedy across the country and hosted numerous events with a blend of both humor and expert knowledge of whisky. He has been quoted as an industry expert on Bloomberg News, CNN and within the pages of numerous publications. He is currently a guest lecturer at Stanford University's Graduate Business School. In 2017 he was named an Icon of Whisky for Best Scotch Brand Ambassador, the industry’s equivalent of an Oscar.


Scotch Whisky Brand Ambassador of the year sponsored by Procurus

Martin’s Whisky Diet

The Whiskey Wash 1

The Whiskey Wash 2

Drink Spirits

Big thank you to Angela Ryskiewicz and Martin Daraz to make this happen!

Eight Blind Spirits Meeting

Scotland, Canada, Japan, Ireland, France, and USA

Sunday, July 14, 2019

location: Village Idiot (7383 Melrose Ave, 90046)


It had been two years since we did a comprehensive blind tasting, so in order to make up for that we went all out. Scotland, Canada, Japan, Ireland, France, and USA were all represented with this event. 


Eight spirits were presented at the same time in color coded 500ml Erlenmeyer flasks (no info was given until the reveal). 


This tasting covered many regions, some were easy to find, others were more elusive. Members made their unbiased notes to find a group consensus on the favourite. 



The Reveal:

1. Irish: Egans "Vintage Grain"

2. Canadian: Caribou Crossing "Single Barrel"

3. Brandy: Chateau De Lacaze 1982 (Armagnac)

4. Rye: Catoctin Creek "Roundstone Rye"

5. Bourbon: Woodford Reserve “Sonoma-Cutrer Finish 2014”

6. Scotch: Glenmorangie "Lasanta" (older release at 46% ABV)

7. Japan: Hibiki 12 Year

8. Bourbon + Rye: High West “Limited Sighting Bourye”

Barton 1792 Distillery

with Master Distiller Danny Kahn

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

7:00pm - 9:30pm

location: Sassafras Saloon (1233 N. Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038)


We were extremely pleased to have Master Distiller Danny Kahn presenting Barton 1792 Distillery. We covered the baseline and several limited edition expressions. For the finale we were one of the first clubs to try their brand new 12 year old bourbon.

Before the tasting, we met at the front bar in Sassafras Saloon for small bites and a special welcome cocktail before heading upstairs to learn all about Barton 1792 Distillery. 


about the distillery:

Barton 1792 Distillery was established in 1879 and continues today as the oldest fully-operating Distillery in the “Bourbon Capital of the World.” The Distillery is located on 196 acres and includes 27 warehouses, 22 other buildings, the Morton Spring and the Tom Moore Spring. Distilling, aging and bottling fine Bourbon whiskey are hallmarks of the historic Barton 1792 Distillery. This whiskey is named for the year Kentucky became a state and is the recent gold medal winner at the 2018 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition.



pour list:

1. Small Batch

2. Single Barrel Limited Edition 

3. Full Proof Limited Edition 

4. Sweet Wheat Limited Edition 

5. High Rye Limited Edition 

6. Bottled In Bond Limited Edition 

7. Aged Twelve Years Limited Edition 


Brand Ambassador for Compass Box Whisky

Sponsored by Wine Warehouse + Compass Box Whisky

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

7:15pm - 9:30pm

location: Brandon's (private backroom inside the 6th & La Brea Brewery)​


Compass Box is one of our absolute favourite independent bottlers and we are pleased to have brand ambassador Tristan Uhl lead us through a tasting of their latest releases and a few standards from their Signature Range. Compass Box Whisky was founded in 2000 by American entrepreneur John Glaser, and has been doing things in a very innovative and rule breaking manner to breathe fresh air into the industry. Believing that blended grain and malt whiskies have been the mainstay of the industry for two centuries, Glaser's goal was to use his passion for whisky and his knowledge of traditional production methods to push the evolution of blending, aging, and maturing.


We are very happy to have another event at Brandon's On La Brea, featuring a welcome cocktail created by manager Angela Ryskiewicz made with Compass Box Peat Monster. 


event pour list:

1. Oak Cross  

2. The Spice Tree  

3. The Story Of The Spaniard  

4. The Circle Limited Edition Blended Malt

5. Affinity Limited Edition Bottling 

6. Juveniles Special Edition Blended Malt 

about Brandon's On La Brea:

Tucked in a corner of 6th & La Brea Brewery, Brandon's is the classic cocktail bar Hancock Park has been waiting for. Featuring lovely decor, good vibes, and killer booze.

Big thanks to Andrei Kissin from Wine Warehouse for making this event happen and to Angela Ryskiewicz for hosting us.

Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia 

presented by Forbes McMullin, Vice President Sales at Loch Lomond Group

Thursday, September 12, 2019

location: The Phoenix (8480 W. 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048)

(includes welcome cocktail + light appetizers)


The Loch Lomond Group is an independent distiller and blender of some of the finest and rarest Scotch whiskies in the world with a history dating back to at least 1772 with the founding of the Littlemill distillery. Their portfolio includes the Loch Lomond single malt, which is distilled and matured on the ‘bonnie banks’ and Glen Scotia, as well as several high quality blends.


Glen Scotia is one of the finest scotch whisky distilleries in the Campbeltown region of Scotland that still maintains much of its original design, including the fermenters, the stillroom, and the dunnage warehouse dating from the 1830s. In 2014, the distillery was bought by Loch Lomond Group who have invested heavily in the site with the majority of the engineering work planned out and managed by the distillery manager, Iain Mc Alister. Campbeltown still has 3 operating distilleries: Glen Scotia, Springbank, and Glengyle. 

event pour list:

1. Loch Lomond 12yr

2. Loch Lomond 18yr

3. Glen Scotia Double Cask

4. Glen Scotia 10yr Peated

5. Glen Scotia Victoriana

6. Glen Scotia 18yr​

7. Glen Scotia Whisky Dinner Bottling 2019

    1 of 150 bottles, hand delivered from this year’s festival!


Taste Through History
Bourbon Heritage Month

presented by Stephanie Jerzy, Brown-Forman Market Manager

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

location: The Phoenix (8480 W. 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048)

(includes a welcome cocktail + light appetizers)


We are extremely pleased to have Stephanie Jerzy lead us on a "Taste Through History" for Bourbon Heritage Month. Join Southern California Whiskey Club for a flight of Old Forester marks that commemorate different periods of bourbon history. The Phoenix is also going all out by creating 4 specialty cocktails for this event; 2 with Old Forester Bourbon and 2 with Old Forester Rye.

Old Forester is officially the longest running Bourbon on the market today and was the first bourbon sold exclusively in sealed bottles. It was first bottled and marketed in 1870 by the former pharmaceutical salesman turned bourbon-merchant George Garvin Brown – the founder of the Brown-Forman Corporation. During the Prohibition period from 1920 to 1933, it was one of only 10 brands authorized for lawful production (medicinal purposes). Old Forester is produced at the Brown-Forman distillery in Shively, Kentucky using a mash bill of 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley.


tenative pour list:

1. Old Forester 1870 Original Batch

2. Old Forester 1897 Bottled-in-Bond

3. Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky 

4. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style

+ more Old Forester special releases! ​


presented by Brendan McCarron,

Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks at The Glenmorangie Company

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

location: Bar Sopra (8512 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069)

(includes a welcome cocktail + appetizers)


SCWC couldn't be any more honored to have Brendan McCarron presenting a line-up of fantastic whiskies at a historic location. He is slated as the successor to Dr Bill Lumsden as the Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks at The Glenmorangie Company (including Ardbeg). We will be the first club to taste Ardbeg Supernova 2019 along with the newly released Glenmorangie 19, the brand new Ardbeg 19, and other stellar expressions. This memorable event will start off with a custom Bar Sopra cocktail as well as a charcuterie and cheese assortment. 

event pour list:

1. Glenmorangie Allta

2. Glenmorangie Signet

3. Glenmorangie Finest Reserve 19 Year  (Travel Retail Exclusive)

4. Ardbeg Committee Drum

5. Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Year 

6. Ardbeg Supernova 2019 Release 

+ more surprises!

more info about Brendan McCarron:

The Spirits Business

The Whisky Exchange Blog

about Bar Sopra:

Lost Property owner Rhino Wiliams has created a lovely bar focused on gin cocktails. Located above Blackship, Bar Sopra is steeped in history. This building was the center of all Doors activity from 1968 to 1972 and the location that The Doors recorded the entire LA Woman album. 

Big thanks to Travis Tidwell and Rhino Wiliams for making this event happen.


Distillery Manager at Old Pulteney

Saturday, October 5, 2019

location: Village Idiot (7383 Melrose Ave, LA, 90046)

(included appetizers, Old Pulteney gift bag, + Glencairn glass)


Southern California Whiskey Club is very proud to host this award-winning and storied brand in the private room at the Village Idiot. This is a special opportunity to taste through the newly released core range with the Old Pulteney Distillery Manager Malcolm Waring and Steph Ridgway, North American Brand Education Manager. Malcolm will be presenting Inver House Distillers’ Old Pulteney with his hands-on experience with being the Master Distiller of the “The Maritime Malt” and his 30+ year history in the whisky business. 

event pour list:

1. Old Pulteney 12

2. Old Pulteney 15

3. Old Pulteney 18

4. Old Pulteney Huddart

5. Old Pulteney K&L Single Cask 13yr 55.2% ABV (1 of 242 bottles)

New Riff Distillery w/ Jay Erisman‍
Co-Founder and V.P. of Strategic Development

Sunday, November 3, 2019

location: Village Idiot (7383 Melrose Ave, LA, 90046)


At New Riff Distilling they uphold the hallowed Kentucky Regimen with open fermentation, sour mashing, and distillation on grain. The stills are all copper, from their 60-foot column still to their doubler, and the whiskey is aged exclusively in 53-gallon new oak barrels that are toasted and charred, and bottled without chill filtration. The distillery was founded in 2014 by Ken Lewis and Jay Erisman in Newport, Kentucky with a range of Bourbon, Rye, and Gin. The company is independently owned by one family, and that independence has allowed them to produce a quality spirit.


event pour list:

1. Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bottled in Bond without Chill Filtration 100˚ proof


2. Straight Rye Whiskey Bottled in Bond without Chill Filtration 100˚ proof


3.  Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Barrel Proof without Chill Filtration K&L Pick 15-4911 111.9˚ proof


4. Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Barrel Proof without Chill Filtration K&L Pick 15-4917 112.8˚ proof


5. Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Barrel Proof without Chill Filtration 113.4˚ proof​

Glenfarclas Distillery

presented by Katy O'Donnell, Portfolio Manager @ Bond & Royal Spirits Co.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

location: The Phoenix (8480 W. 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048)

(includes cocktail + light appetizers)


We are extremely pleased to have Katy O'Donnell lead us on vertical tasting of the Glenfarclas core range. The Phoenix will be featuring two specialty cocktails created for this event made with Glenfarclas 10 year. Glenfarclas, established in 1836, is one of the very few remaining independent, family owned and managed distilleries. The story of Glenfarclas is as rich and colourful as the whisky that bears its name. It is the story of the Grants, who since purchasing the distillery in 1865, have been united in the creation of the perfect Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. This is going to be a memorable tasting that you won’t want to miss!


event pour list:

1. Glenfarclas 10 year

2. Glenfarclas 12 year

3. Glenfarclas 17 year

4. Glenfarclas 21 year

5. Glenfarclas 25 year

6. Glenfarclas 105

​+ other #SecretStash surprises

Woodinville Whiskey Co.

presented by Ariel Jahn, National Brand Ambassador

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

location: The Phoenix (8480 W. 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048)


We are extremely pleased to have Ariel Jahn, National Brand Ambassador for Woodinville Whiskey Co. lead us on a comprehensive tasting. Woodinville Whiskey Co. was established in 2010 by two longtime friends, Orlin Sorensen and Brett Carlile, using the highest quality locally grown grains, the best barrels and coopers in the world, the most technologically advanced distilling equipment, and the mentorship of an industry icon, David Pickerell. Now in its 10th year of operation, Woodinville is Washington state's largest craft distillery, handcrafting all of its products from 100% locally sourced grains. Their flagship products, Woodinville Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and Woodinville Straight Rye Whiskey were both awarded "Craft Whiskey of the Year" in their respective categories by the American Distilling Institute in 2016 and 2017. The Phoenix will be featuring two specialty cocktails created for this event made with Woodinville Straight Bourbon.

event pour list:

1. New Make at 140 proof

2. Woodinville Straight Bourbon

3. Woodinville Straight 100% Rye

4. Woodinville Double Barrel Blended Whiskey

5. Woodinville Straight Bourbon Finished in Port Casks

6. Woodinville Cask Strength Straight Bourbon

7. Woodinville Cask Strength Straight 100% Rye

+ other #SecretStash surprises

Glenmorangie “Old vs New”

hosted by Travis Tidwell, West Region Brand Ambassador for Glenmorangie

Saturday, November 30, 2019

location: Village Idiot (7383 Melrose Ave, LA, 90046)


Southern California Whiskey Club is doing a deep dive with a direct comparison of expressions made roughly 20 years apart by the same distillery. This once-in-a-lifetime tasting will be a first-hand experience on whether whisky was better back in the day or if modern releases are just as good, if not better. Instead of collecting these bottles, we are going to taste the expressions side-by-side in 500ml Erlenmeyer flasks to limit bias. They will be presented in pairs and then voted on for a group consensus. After the tasting, all are welcome to stay and have dinner to support the Village Idiot for hosting us. This will be a small meeting of only 20 members due to room capacity of the private back room.


quick history:

The Macdonald family retained ownership of Glenmorangie until the company was sold in 2004 to Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Following the change of ownership, the product line was rebranded to increase its appeal in the overseas luxury goods market. A new, curvaceous bottle was introduced and the wood finish whiskies were given new names such as Quinta Ruban, Nectar d'Or, and LaSanta. One mainstay in all of this change was SCWC favorite, Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s long-time whisky maker and innovator.  [info]



event pour list:

Sherry Wood Finish  vs  Lasanta 

Burgundy Wood Finish  vs  Glenmorangie A 

Port Wood Finish  vs  Quinta Ruban 

Madeira Wood Finish  vs  Bacalta


presented by Ethan Kelley, Membership Manager and Spirits Curator

Thursday, December 5, 2019

location: Bar Sopra (8512 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069)

(includes a welcome cocktail + light appetizers)


Join us to celebrate the passage of the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution on December 5, 1933 as we do a “Around the World in a Day” tasting – and there is no better way to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition in the United States than with an international whiskey tasting led by our friend Ethan Kelley of the Spirits Network, the world's first shoppable entertainment channel where you can watch, taste and buy the world’s best spirits. This memorable event will start off with a custom Bar Sopra cocktail as well as a charcuterie and cheese assortment. 


Spirits Network  [ +]

Launching in 2019, the Spirits Network is an entertainment first, membership driven, educational network with unique integrated direct purchase capabilities. Targeting spirits enthusiasts, it’s designed to bridge the gap between content and commerce through premium short form content featuring experts, influencers and celebrities. Through a tiered subscription model, Spirits Network members gain access to content, exclusive events and loyalty rewards. Members receive a monthly ‘booze box’ in categories of their choice. The network will remain brand partner agnostic to maintain industry neutrality.

tentative pour list:

1. Paul John, India

2. Kornog, France

3. Starward, Australia

4. Penderyn, Wales

5. Hven, Sweden

6. Colkegan, USA

7. Kavalan, Taiwan 

+ more #SecretStash surprises!

PAUL JOHN w/ Koray Kaan Özdemir

West Coast Regional Manager / Brand Ambassador at Paul John Single Malt Whisky

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

location: Sassafras Saloon (1233 N. Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038)


We are very excited to have our good friend Koray presenting Paul John Distillery. What is very special about this event is that it is also his birthday and we are going all out to make it a memorable one by tasting the entire Paul John core range and many rare, limited edition expressions (including new make straight from the still). This is going to be a killer meeting! Meet us at the front bar in Sassafras Saloon for a welcome cocktail before we head upstairs to learn all about Paul John Distillery.

birthday cake served at the end of the tasting.

event pour list:

1. new make from the still

2. Nirvana

3. Brilliance

4. Edited

5. Bold

6. Classic

7. Peated

8. Kanya

9. Oloroso

10. Mars Orbiter

11. Christmas Edition 2018

12. Christmas Edition 2019 

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