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1. How do I join the club?

Send us an email and we will welcome you to the mailing list. From there you will receive information on how to be a member.


2. Does it cost money to be a member?

Membership dues are set on a per meeting basis. There is no cost to be on the mailing list.


3. What is SCWC?

We are a group effort with the goal to educate like-minded friends about whiskey and spirits. We do this to have fun and to spread the whiskey gospel to everyone; from the newbie to the whiskey expert.



Here are the rules of the club:

1. Have fun and allow others to have fun. 

2. Enjoy exploring whiskey and other spirits how you want to, it is yours to enjoy.

3. We encourage your input and creativity. 

4. When enjoying fine single malts, you should focus on quality - not quantity. 

5. Please be respectful of the places of business that allow us to have our meetings; we cannot exist without them.

6. No mean drunks. If you are a mean drunk, please remember rule #1.


Did you enjoy it? If so, it’s a great idea. If not, it’s an experience.


We are a private club, but if you you'd like to become a member, please contact us and let us know a little bit about yourself and why you would be a good fit. Cheers!

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