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Fundraiser for Covid-19 Relief

with Paul John Distillery 


date: Wednesday, July 7, 2021

time: 6:30pm - 10:00pm Pacific Time

location: Lost Property Bar [1704 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028]

Max Capacity

• Advance enrollment is always required and must be 21+ to attend.

• If the event is sold out please email us to be placed on the wait list.


We are very excited to have Mr. Paul John himself, Chairman of India's John Distilleries, for an evening of world-class single malt whisky and brandy tasting led by Koray Kaan Özdemir, Paul John cocktails by Abhi (Jungli) + Rhino Williams (Lost Property), and contemporary Indian appetizers prepared by Jungli.

Profits from this event will go to support the World Central Kitchen to provide fresh meals to frontline medical staff in India fighting COVID-19 infections. WCK has provided more than 50 million fresh, nourishing meals for communities around the world, and your donation today will be used to support our emergency response in India.

There will be other prizes and a silent auction to win special items kindly donated by generous partners. Those participating in the whisky flight will receive a gift bag.

tentative schedule of events

intimate tasting with Paul P. John

Q&A with the owner himself

curated flight of special expressions

6:45pm — 7:30pm 


Paul John cocktails w/ complimentary appetizers 

specialty cocktails for only $9 each

2 by Abhi (Jungli) + 2 by Rhino (Lost Property)

appetizers provided by Jungli

7:30pm — 9:00pm


about the distillery

Paul John Single Malt is a unique combination of Indian 6-row barley, water from the Western Ghats, new-age technologies, and passion. Distilled and matured in Goa, the high angel share here of 8-10 % per annum which accelerates the maturation of the whisky tremendously. The pure underground table of water in Goa, along with rain-fed water sources and water flowing through the Western Ghats adds to the purity of the spirit. For their peated expressions, peat is imported from the Islay and Aberdeen regions in Scotland. The liquid is matured in carefully selected charred American white oak barrels, and also special barrels from Spain, Portugal and the US, which are stored in two different warehouses, giving the whisky its own character and each cask its own flavour. Full list of awards Paul John has won here [link].


Paul P. John tasting lineup

1. Oloroso Select Cask

2. PX Select Cask 

3. Christmas Edition 2019 

4. Christmas Edition 2020  

5. Mithuna 

6. Paul John XO Brandy 


Please bring your own Glencairn(s) to the tasting, the club will NOT be providing glassware due to covid-19.



about World Central Kitchen 

Founded in 2010 by Chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen (WCK) uses the power of food to nourish communities and strengthen economies in times of crisis and beyond. WCK has created a new model for disaster response through its work helping devastated communities recover and establish resilient food systems. WCK has served more than 50 million fresh meals to people impacted by natural disasters and other crises around the world in countries including The Bahamas, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mozambique, Venezuela, and the United States. WCK’s Resilience Programs in the Caribbean and Central America have trained hundreds of chefs and school cooks, advanced clean cooking practices, and awarded grants to farms, fisheries and small food businesses while also providing training and networking opportunities. Learn more at [donate]      


World Central Kitchen is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your email donation receipt as your official record. EIN number: 27-3521132.



about Lost Property Bar

Whiskey Bar with a fun, speakeasy feel, serving handcrafted cocktails and bites. Located on the corner of Hollywood & Vine. [link]

about Whisky Monster

Koray Özdemir, aka The Whisky Monster, is a globetrotting, WSET Level 3 spirits certified whisky specialist, judge and consultant, who has made his home in Los Angeles by way of Turkey. Now advising and representing several whisky brands in his ever expanding portfolio of spirits. [link]

about Jungli

The word ‘Jungli’ is a Hindi and Urdu word meaning “wild child,” typically used to describe those who defy the rules of convention. In the truest spirit of the word, Jungli’s team is POC/queer/female-led and aimed at creating a dining experience that rejoices in their South Asian culture, inviting people from all walks of life to feed their inner wild child. Jungli is inspired by the ways in which diverse immigrants from South Asia have impacted Los Angeles, and how Los Angeles has impacted our own culture and cuisine. Opened in March 2021 in downtown Los Angeles, Jungli currently offers takeout and delivery, with plans to open a brick-and-mortar location later this year. [link]

about Paul P. John

An entrepreneur by choice, Paul John ventured into the alcoholic beverages industry in 1992 and established John Distilleries in 1996. Within a short span of just over a decade, the company grew to be a leading spirit company, not just in India but across the globe and his reach spread from his headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka and expanded to neighbouring states and across seas as well. His zeal to surpass the ordinary and his personal passion for single malts led him to create the Paul John Indian Single Malts. He appreciated the premium quality of the whisky and soon a dream was born, the dream to create great Indian single malts. Wanting to create an Indian Single Malt that would enthral even the truest whisky connoisseur, Mr Paul P John endeavoured to break into the higher echelons of the Single Malt world.

Big thanks to Whisky Monster + Rhino Williams to make this possible.

© 2013 Southern California Whiskey Club

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