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Single Malt Specialist with Whyte & Mackay.

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017


The Dalmore 12 year

The Dalmore 15 year

The Dalmore Cigar Malt

The Dalmore 18 year

The Dalmore King Alexander III

The Dalmore Selected by Daniel Boulud


This award winning distillery creates a number of different whiskies that are produced in a combination of different stills, of various sizes which give the whisky a more complex character. Each expression of The Dalmore is matured in two different types of wooden casks: American white oak bourbon casks and exclusive aged sherry casks from Gonzalez Byass. Each sherry cask – which is hand selected by master distiller Richard Paterson – gives the whisky a deep copper colour and flavours of crushed almonds, cinnamon, ginger and citrus. The bourbon casks give the whisky notes of vanilla, spice, honey and tropical fruits.


Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

location: Sola Izakaya (15928 Ventura Blvd #120, Encino, CA 91436)

We had a very special tasting in the beginning of April. Our special guests were Chizuru Fukano from the Fukano Distillery in Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto Japan and Kazunori Ohishi (6th Generation Distiller) from Ohishi Distillery in Mizukami-kura, Kumamoto Japan. 


Izakaya Sola was open on their closed day specially for SCWC. Sola's chef, Chef Waka-san was the neighbor of the Ohishi family for many years and will be serving Japanese food with a Kumamoto twist with to go with the Fukano and Ohishi Whiskies. The idea was to explore the terroir of Southern Japan within both food and drink.


We poured whiskies that have never been tried by anyone outside of the distillery. It was the first pouring of the new 2017 special releases from Ohishi and Fukano Distillery. 


The whisky list:

1. Fukano Whisky 2016 edition

2. Fukano Whisky 2017 edition

3. Ohishi Brandy Cask

4. Ohishi Sherry Cask

5. Ohishi Single Sherry Cask

6. Ohishi Islay Cask limited edition

7. Ohishi Tokubetsu Reserve (vatting of 1x 7yr old, 1x 10yr old, and 4x 27yr old casks) 


Everyone. Please consider this, I imagine that most of you have never been to Kumamoto in the south of Japan. I also imagine that you have never had a chance to experience the terroir of a whisky from Japan served with food influenced by the region the whisky comes from, made by a chef that lived by that distillery for many years and hosted by the 6th Generation distiller from that distillery. This was a very special evening and we thank those who joined us for it.  


Monday, April 17 , 2017

location: Lost Property Bar (1704 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028)

This educational event was hosted by David Laird, Balvenie Ambassador with William Grant & Sons. The core range was explored as well as a surprise or two. A welcome cocktail and light appetizers were served before the whisky tasting started.


The Balvenie distillery is a Speyside single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Dufftown, Scotland, owned by William Grant & Sons. Each expression is unique, but all are rich, luxuriously smooth and underpinned by a distinctive honeyed character crafted by Malt Master David Stewart. Understanding his craft like few others, David uses different cask types and ages of spirit, to develop exquisite, new interpretations of The Balvenie's classic character.


Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Eight bourbons were presented at the same time in color coded beakers (no info will be given until the final reveal). Everyone made unbiased notes to decide a group consensus on the favourite whiskey. The tasting was comprehensive, covering the major bourbon producers. At the end of the tasting we all voted for our top 1, 2, + 3 and the one we thought was the worst the bunch (3 points were given for #1, 2 for #2, and 1 point for #3).

The overall group consensus:

1. Four Roses OBSV 9yr 6mo Warehouse JE Barrel 1-2M NASA Liquor (Store Pick) 59.7% ABV

2. Elijah Craig (Heaven Hill) Barrel Proof Batch A117  63.5% ABV

3. Booker's (Jim Beam) 2017-01 Tommy’s Batch 64.25% ABV

4. Stagg Jr. (Buffalo Trace) 67.20% ABV

5. Van Winkle (Buffalo Trace) Lot "B" Special Reserve 12 Years Old 45.2% ABV

6. Belle Mede (MGP) Barrel #2573 (K&L Store Pick) 55.66% ABV

7. Rare Breed (Wild Turkey) 56.4% ABV

8. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon 57.5% ABV

Vast majority of this group liked the higher ABV%, so part of the "Pappy ringer" inclusion was to see if it really deserves the hype, and what would happen with a lower vs. higher ABV% (we had two Buffalo Trace representatives). This was eye-opening and showed how difficult (and brave) it is to do an objective blind tasting and how hype and presentation can really alter your perception. Thank you to all who joined us!

Points scored:

Black 21

Green 20

Red 19

Orange 12

Blue 10

Yellow 9

Purple 6

White 5

View my note sheet for fun:

Eight Blind Bourbons Placemat


Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

location: The Phoenix  

Southern California Whiskey Club was very proud to host this award-winning and storied brand in the back patio of the Phoenix in West Hollywood. Keaton Ohara presented Old Pulteney and poured us a legendary line-up of the “The Maritime Malt”. Experiencing the extreme location and unique stills that have resulted in a whisky that is bursting with the power and subtlety of the sea. It is so well revered that in 2012 Old Pulteney 21 was named World Whisky of the Year in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible. 




12 year


17 year

21 year

35 year


Before the tasting began a welcome punch was served along with maritime-influenced light appetizers. Everyone also received a complimentary Old Pulteney branded Glencairn glass to take home!

Quick History:

The distillery was established in 1826 in the name of Sir William Pulteney (who died in 1805), and for whom Pulteneytown is named. The spirit of Old Pulteney is inseparable from the spirit of the town it calls home - Wick. It is the most northerly on the Scottish mainland and was quite inaccessible, except by sea, when established. Barley was brought in by sea, and the whisky was shipped out the same way. Many of the distillery workers were also employed as fishermen. The herring fishing industry is no longer part of daily life in Wick but the distillery continues to operate, producing a Highland single malt with a reputation as one of the finest available. Characteristics of the whisky are attributed to exposure to sea air during maturation. For more information about the distillery:


“Irish I knew More About Irish Whiskey” 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Phoenix and Southern California Whiskey Club were pleased to host Aidan McNally for a night of Irish Whiskey education. His experience with the Irish Whiskey Museum and as Teeling Whiskey brand ambassador covered all the different types of Irish Whiskey with a historical background of uisce betha. There are 4 types (single pot still, single malt, single grain, and blended) and we poured examples of each to explore the nuances firsthand. 


Irish Whiskey Masterclass Line-Up:

1.       Teeling Small Batch

2.       Powers Gold Label

3.       Teeling Single Malt

4.       Connemara  Peated

5.       Teeling Single Grain

6.       Greenore 8 year Single Grain

7.       Teeling Carcavelos Cask Strength Single Cask

8.       Yellow Spot Single Pot Still


Before the tasting we had a specialty Irish tiki cocktail created by the Pete at the Phoenix along with light appetizers. 

Everyone received a complimentary pin to take home courtesy of Teeling Whiskey Co.!


hosted by the Phoenix and Winston Edwards

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

location: The Phoenix (8480 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048)

Bad Ass Texas Whiskey

Our buddy Winston Edwards from Balcones Distillery finally visited SCWC after a long hiatus. He updated us on their fine stable of American craft spirits and shared some special ones. There have been big changes and things are really getting bigger and better in Waco, Texas. So please join us to taste firsthand why this craft distillery garners so many awards and accolades. This will be a fun low-key evening tasting one of our favorite American distillers. We tasted their core range and several other “very special bottles” put together just for us for this event.

Before the tasting began there was a specialty Brimstone cocktail created by the Phoenix along with light appetizers. 


Saturday, August 5th, 2017

We will be doing a small tasting on August 5th @ 6:00pm at a private residence in Westchester (just North of LAX). We'll be tasting 6 unique bourbons (+1 more) to explore the distinctive characteristics imparted by the distillation of different grains. All the bourbons are from the same distillery (Jim Beam) and have been aged at least 11 years.

The Line-Up:

1. High Rye 

2. Whole Rolled Oat 

3. Soft Red Wheat 

4. Brown Rice

5. Triticale

6. Six Row Barley

7. Jim Bean Single Barrel (barrel #4-176)


We were able to source the complete Jim Beam® Harvest Bourbon Collection™ at a significant discount, hence the low cost for bourbon and pizza. The focus is to decide if mashbills are really as important as many distilleries claim, or if it's just something used for marketing. Will the flavor grain really shine? Will the oak overpower and render them mute? You'll have to taste to find out.