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Scotch & Oysters: The Ultimate Pairing


date: Saturday, May 13, 2023

time: 4:30 – 6:00pm 

location: Corner Door in Culver City [12477 W Washington Blvd, 90066]

• Advance enrollment is always required and must be 21+ to attend.

• If the event is sold out please email us to be placed on the wait list.


Oysters, it turns out, pair fantastically with whiskey, particularly Scotch whiskys from Scotland’s coastal regions, which provide a certain mix of spice, salinity, and (often) smoke that can simultaneously complement an oyster’s brininess while also cutting right through its rich creaminess. It’s a nearly surreal sort of symbiosis in which one side of the duo both echoes and contrasts with flavors from the other, opening up an entirely new way to enjoy oysters beyond the traditional Champagne or white wine companion. Our ambitious plan is to have 5+ peaty scotches + a dozen oysters per attendee – hand shucked and curated by our oyster expert. The raw oysters will be served in mixed pairs to enjoy with each whisky flight to accentuate the maritime qualities of the scotch combined with the fresh oysters in an indoor setting at the lovely Corner Door. 


1. Lagavulin 16 Year

2. Talisker Distiller's Edition 2014

3. Laphroaig 7 Year old "Single Malts of Scotland " Single Barrel ex-Sherry Butt

4. Old Pulteney 10 Year Old "Hart Brothers" K&L  Cask Strength Single Hogshead

5. Glen Scotia 8 Year Old K&L Demerara Rum Cask Finished Cask Strength

+ #SecretStash


• Two glasses will suffice for the pairing flights.

• Please bring your own glassware​ to the tasting, the club will NOT be providing glassware.

• Uber or designated driver strongly encouraged.

• Even though Southern California Whiskey Club is taking every precaution to make sure that this event is safe and in compliance with CDC codes, please understand that public gatherings, even socially distanced ones, involve a higher risk than virtual encounters. 



Big thanks to Marcus Fan for making this possible!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


How to enjoy oysters and whisky together

There are many ways to experience an oyster and whisky pairing.


Method #1 Sip, slurp, sip

This method shines the spotlight on the whisky a bit more than the oyster. Skip the initial sip if you want to taste more of the oyster. 

First, take a sip of whisky.

Then slurp (remember to chew) the oyster.

Finish with another sip of whisky.


Method #2 Spritz (or drip) and slurp

This method allows you to use the whisky more as an accouterment.

Lightly spritz the oyster with the whisky using an atomizer.

You can also use a dropper to add two or three drops of whisky onto the oyster.


Method #3 Sip, slurp, shell

This method is my favorite because it's so ritualistic! 

Take a sip of whisky, let it swirl around on your palate.

Then slurp and savor the oyster.

Finally, pour a tiny bit of whisky into the oyster shell and drink.

Cheers with the shell if you'd like.

© 2013 Southern California Whiskey Club

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